Humboldt's Gift and Loyalty Card Programs are a great way to:

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Boost cash flow.

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Drive incremental value.

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Encourage repeat visits.

Choose from one of our professionally designed templates or create your own artwork to promote your brand's image and identity.

Gift Card Acceptance

According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards remained the most popular items on wish lists in 2017, requested by a staggering 61% of those surveyed, the highest level the category has seen in 55 years. Add to that the fact that gift cards are expected to balloon to a $160 billion industry in 2018 and it's easy to see the opportunity for growth gift card acceptance through Humboldt can bring to your business.

Tap into this booming industry by partnering with Humboldt for gift card acceptance today and choose from:

  • Variable or present card values.
  • Custom or pre-designed cards.

Each offers you 24/7 access to online reporting and your customer enhanced PIN and security code support.


Check Acceptance

Accept checks? Humboldt can even help you reduce your deposit times with our lightning-fast check acceptance. You'll also take advantage of full-featured:

  • Check conversion.
  • Check guarantee.
  • eCheck guarantee.

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