When you're running your own business, fraudsters and unwarranted chargebacks can seriously impact your bottom line. Luckily, there is a way to protect your business from these attacks on your profitability. Introducing Fraudcast, the innovative fraud and chargeback reduction tool.

Fraudcast gives you instant access to detailed reports regarding:

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All daily chargebacks and cardholder disputes from the previous business day.

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All transactions that were marked fraudulent by Visa the previous business day.

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All transactions that were marked fraudulent by Mastercard the previous business day.

With new email alerts delivered to your inbox every Monday-Friday, Fraudcast is the fastest and easiest way to stay on top of issues related to fraud and chargebacks!

Here's how it works:


Once you partner with Humboldt, you'll receive unique login credentials for MoveIt, our secure, online merchant portal.


You sign in to MoveIt at https://moveit.hbms/human.aspx and update your password.


Once you start processing, we upload three new file folders to your MoveIt page every day – one for chargebacks, one for transactions marked fraudulent by Visa, and one for transactions marked fraudulent by Mastercard.


You will then have the option to download or delete files as you choose while also uploading supporting documentation for any chargebacks you wish to dispute. (Note that if a folder is ever empty, that just means there were no chargebacks/fraudulent transactions to report for that particular business day.)

Fraudcast – just one more way Humboldt is committed to safe and secure transactions for card-not-present solutions.

Start better protecting your business from chargebacks and fraud.

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