content_marketing.jpgContent is what the whole search engine craze was about to begin with. Content was how you were found online, and it continues to be the backbone of search engine optimization.

Content marketing helps set you apart from your competitors, draws your customers to you and helps you close the deal.

Specific Ways Content Marketing Aids ecommerce

A good content marketing strategy for your ecommerce efforts helps you in a number of ways. 

  • Your brand awareness goes up with content marketing, and that can mean increased customer loyalty. 
  • You can more fully engage visitors at your site with strong content. 
  • You can even do customer service better with how-to videos, user guides, and advisory notices. 

Where it drives your social media, and enhances your "social reach," you're also likely to get more word-of-mouth with excellent content.

Webinars Can Be Particularly Helpful

Webinars are an excellent way to engage with your customers, while establishing yourself as an authority in your field. Webinars are more personal than blogs or white papers. They offer your customers real-time interaction with you. They get to ask you and their peers questions right then and there, while hearing answers to queries they might never have thought of themselves.

Webinars are a good way for presenting informational content in an educational way. They provide an excellent platform for your in-house experts, and those you invite to participate. Webinars demonstrate in-depth knowledge of your industry or products, which in turn transfers the expertise to your products in customer minds.

Content Types That Drive the Most Traffic

Types of content being generated by businesses like yours are constantly evolving, but all have the aim of engaging potential customers more effectively. Some content types help sell products directly, others help establish your authority or are just for fun. They should all help draw customers to you.

When driving traffic with content, it's best to offer a mix that includes:

  • List-based articles with bite-sized chunks of interesting information to digest.
  • Infographics, especially when presented in an engaging way.
  • How-to's and tutorials that help show off your relevant expertise.

Your willingness to use video content might depend on your in-house abilities (and facilities). As with the other types of content, resources abound online to help you create video content. The talent for writing, filming, and editing can all be arranged freelance in the gig economy.

As with exercise and diet plans, the best types of content for you to generate are the ones that keep you working at it regularly.

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