paying online with credit cardYou advertised, you offer great customer service and have great word of mouth in the online review community, so it’s no surprise that people frequent your site for their shopping needs. But how do you keep customers coming back and purchasing from you? Humboldt Merchant Services has put together a few ideas on how to keep those customers engaged and making your site a “must shop.”

Build brand loyalists. These are the folks that will always shop at your site and won’t venture to a competitor. The people at Entrepreneur say you should maximize these customers by adding a social sharing solution to increase sales. They suggest a site like that can help you increase referrals and conversion rates.

Having friends pays off. Offer a coupon code for a certain dollar amount or percentage off to your customers after they make a purchase that they can then pass on to a friend. Once that friend uses the code, send your original customer a special “thank you” coupon code that they can use on their next purchase with you.

Add-on, buy on. Upselling can work to increase profits, but adding accessories related to a customer’s purchase on the cart or checkout page might drum up more sales. Doing this makes them seem like impulse purchase similar to a checkout at a brick-and-mortar location. If the customers opt not to add anything to their cart this far down the sales funnel, a follow-up email with the same suggestion may help you get these customers to return and interact with your business.

Ask them to interact with you. Do you write a blog you’d like to share? Have a newsletter that describes the comings and goings at your store? Then, ask your customers if they’d like to get this type of information emailed to them. Let them know they’ll be the first to know about upcoming sales, or that you have a coupon campaign running through a specific time of year they may be interested in. Whatever you send them, make sure it has a sense of exclusivity, so they have a true connection to your business.

Optimize their search. Even if they are your best customers, the most loyal shopper will look around for the best deals. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. Make sure your website and other content online have the correct keywords for your industry so when those customers do a search, they see your business high in their search. Hopefully, their previously positive experience with your business will mean repeat business for you!

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