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As a small business owner, you may not have the same resources as some of your larger competitors. However, that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts have to be any less effective than those of bigger businesses with their bloated advertising budgets. That’s because, in today’s day and age, even the smallest of small businesses have access to the greatest of equalizers, technology. In today’s blog post, we share a few technology-driven tools you can utilize to automate your marketing functions and keep pace with the competition – all while freeing you up to focus on running other aspects of your business.

HubSpot CRM– This free Customer Relationship Management software allows you to seamlessly organize, track, and grow your sales pipeline. Refine your marketing approach by tracking every customer interaction, whether it’s on your website, via email, or across social media. Best of all, HubSpot CRM is easy to learn and completely customizable.

Hootsuite Pro – An innovative social media tool, Hootsuite helps you drive traffic to your website by identifying captivating social content your customers and potential customers may be interested in. Track mentions of both your business and your competitors online in real time so you can be as responsive as possible. Use powerful analytics tools to glean important insights about your customers. Then, focus on other tasks associated with running your business by automating the posting of your social content throughout the day.

MailChimp – A highly affordable email automation tool, MailChimp allows you to quickly and easily grow your business by helping you build your email list, target specific subscribers, analyze engagement data, and more. It is email marketing that does not monkey around.– Find and keep more customers with the world’s #1 CRM. can help you drive your profitability via a repeatable sales process, streamline your customer service, and grow the way you want to with completely customizable small business solutions.

Infusionsoft – One of the most popular email marketing and sales automation platforms out there, Infusionsoft enables you to capture more leads, improve conversion rates, streamline your customer lifecycle, manage your sales process, and more.

Yodle Marketing Essentials is a comprehensive digital marketing automation platform that can help small businesses build their online presence. A true all-in-one solution, Yodle is especially effective in helping drive local web searches through a customized and mobile-responsive website, search engine optimization, business directory placement, customer reviews, and more.

Spokal – Designed with small business owners in mind, Spokal is an inbound marketing automation system that helps you optimize your content marketing (blogs, videos, podcasts, white papers, etc.) both within search engines and on social media. That means more traffic to your website and more sales for your business.

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