paying online with credit cardMistakes happen and can serve as powerful learning tools in business. However, the holiday season is not the time to make them. Too much is at stake during this most hustling, bustling time of the year.

Here are five ecommerce mistakes you simply can’t afford to make this holiday season if you want to maximize your revenue.

  1. Calling all buyers. Mobile friendly is the name of the winning game. Studies show that almost one third of ecommerce sales happen on mobile devices, so make sure your mobile game is strong from start to finish with a site that’s well optimized.
  1. Can you handle it? All of the extra holiday traffic can take down a site that’s not prepared. Do testing now, so you don’t lose out later when shoppers’ dollars are flying.
  1. The need for speed. The need for speed. Now is the time to make sure your site isn’t loading too slowly. Studies show nearly half of web users will leave a site if it hasn’t loaded in 3 seconds. Don’t let them go that easily!
  1. Poor customer service. It’s little things that can have a significant impact on customers’ satisfaction. Make sure you have enough inventory, provide easy exchanges and returns and consider offering free, gift wrapping with purchase.
  1. Ship shape. When it comes to the holidays especially, ship dates are key as consumers need their products by specific dates. Make shipping policies and timelines extremely clear, so customers know if the available dates will work with their timeline. It’s also not a bad time to consider offering free shipping if you don’t already.
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