Not all credit card processing companies are created equal. Proof positive is Humboldt Merchant Services and how we handle high-risk or hard-to-place merchants. As many other processing companies have left tobacco sales merchants in the lurch, Humboldt has expanded into this thriving market using our 20+ years of experience to give business owners the payments solutions and customer service they deserve.

We are a dedicated company that strives to provide best-in-class credit card processing for businesses both big and small. Our knowledgeable representatives will work with you to provide customized solutions to fit your individual needs.

Here at Humboldt our focus is on your satisfaction, and along with offering superior credit card processing, we strive to offer the latest in payment acceptance solutions. From card-present, card-not-present, e-Commerce to mail order/telephone orders (MOTO), Humboldt gives you the options you need to help grow your business.

Do you do a lot of your business online? Humboldt offers services that will help a business that does a high number of card-not-present transactions succeed. Our representatives will be able to explain further, but we offer a number of valuable e-Commerce solutions that will help you make smart business decisions.

If you also have a retail location, Humboldt offers a retail merchant account that will allow you to offer your customers easy and reliable payment options. Every transaction made with the free EMV and NFC terminal will be safe and secure for your customers, and you’ll be paying some of the lowest rates in the industry!

So how do you sign up for a merchant account? It’s easy, quick, and convenient. You can reach out to one of our experienced, and knowledgeable sales representatives who will walk you through our services, and products and recommend a payment solution based on your business needs. Those reps can be reached at 877-387-5642.

Still have questions? Totally understandable, picking a company to handle your credit card processing is a big step that you shouldn’t take lightly. Feel free to send all questions to, or call 877-387-5642.