Direct Marketing

You’re in the business to make money. Every business is. But when your credit card processor keeps putting up obstacles to your success, it may be time to switch. Humboldt Merchant Services is here to help. We specialize in helping hard-to-place or high-risk merchants get the most out of their credit card processing by relying on the 20+ years of experience that has made us an industry leader.

Direct Marketing is a crowded industry, so why not give yourself the upper hand and offer your customers a number of fast, convenient, and secure payment options? Humboldt has a team of knowledgeable representatives that understands that each business is unique and won’t use a one-size-fits-all mentality when finding you the right payment options for your business’ needs.

Much like your business of finding the right solutions for your customer’s needs, Humboldt has worked diligently for more than two decades to find out our customer’s needs, and met those needs by providing best-in-class credit card processing. We have combined that dedication and focusing solely on the merchant, to become a true partner in our merchants success. But we aren’t resting on our laurels. We are always looking for the next great payment acceptance solutions, and strive to be at the forefront of innovative payment thinking.

Humboldt offers payment solutions in three styles of business: retail, e-Commerce, and mail order/ telephone order (MOTO), or a combination of all three. Each provides their unique challenges, but with the experience and proven representatives, Humboldt can help you thrive in any way you do business.

Do a lot of your customers submit their orders online? Humboldt offers services that will help a business that does a high number of card-not-present transactions succeed. Our representatives will be able to explain further, but we offer a number of valuable e-Commerce solutions that will help you make smart business decisions.

The solutions include:

  • Multi-currency solutions
  • Seamless integration with the majority of payment gateways
  • Daily chargeback reporting
  • Recurring billing
  • Real-time online reporting
  • Processing for U.S. and Canadian Businesses

Are a lot of your transactions face-to-face? If the answer is yes, Humboldt can offer you a retail merchant account that allows you to offer your customers easy and reliable payment options. Every transaction made with the free EMV and NFC terminal that comes with a retail account will be safe and secure for your customers. The best part? You’ll be paying some of the lowest rates in the industry!

So how do you sign up for a merchant account? It’s easy, quick, and convenient. You can reach out to one of our experienced, and knowledgeable sales representatives who will walk you through our services, and products and recommend a payment solution based on your business needs. Those reps can be reached at 877-387-5642.

Still have questions? Totally understandable, picking a company to handle your credit card processing is a big step that you shouldn’t take lightly. Feel free to send all questions to, or call 877-387-5642.