Firearms and Ammunition

Some run scared when the going gets tough. Not at Humboldt Merchant Services. Unlike other credit card processing companies who are abandoning the firearms industry, we at Humboldt are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with those supporting our right to keep and bear arms.

We believe all merchants should be treated with respect and professionalism, no matter what industry. Size and scope doesn’t matter. The merchants we work with should know we expect to build a lasting business relationship from day one because we shoot straight each and every day.

Before we go any further, let us tell you who we are. We’re Humboldt Merchant Services — a private credit card processing company that offers a wide array of payment solutions for those we work with. We are not brokers. Humboldt is a registered MSP/ISO with more than two decades of experience, so you know we’re not some Johnny-come-lately on the scene. We have gained the experience and knowledge to not only follow industry standards, but to set them. We live and work by one simple rule: help you make the most out of every transaction with payment solutions that fit your business’ needs.

Our team has the experience and knowledge of your industry, so they’ll surely become an asset to your business. They understand that each business is unique, and will give you the one-on-one attention you deserve to find the right payment solution for your business. No matter if you’re working from a retail space, e-Commerce, or telephone orders (MOTO), Humboldt offers you 20+ years of experience within the credit card processing industry, quick setup of new accounts, and custom payment solutions, among other advantages.

Are you mostly selling gear, ammunitions, and incidentals online, mail order or via the telephone? Humboldt offers a number of solutions for those sales to help grow your business by offering another revenue stream that may be lost for some other merchants. We provide daily chargeback and fraud reporting; and in-house risk, underwriting, and chargeback management.

In the retail space, Humboldt helps you offer customers quick, safe, and reliable payment options. The free equipment program we offer provides you with an EMV and NFC terminal(s). Each transaction we perform for you is safe and secure, and you’ll be paying some of the lowest rates in the industry.

So how do you sign up for a merchant account? It’s easy, quick, and convenient. You can reach out to one of our experienced, and knowledgeable sales representatives who will walk you through our services and products, and recommend a payment solution based on your business needs. Those reps can be reached at 877-387-5642.

Still have questions? Totally understandable, picking a company to handle your credit card processing is a big step that you shouldn’t take lightly. Feel free to send all questions to, or call 877-387-5642.